Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Overview

All BAP students are required to participate in at least 2 tutoring sessions during the semester.  You may sign-up for a tutoring session in the tutoring schedule above.  Tutoring sessions take place in BEH 400, the BAP office.  Tutors are expected to stay in BEH 400 for the entire session they have signed-up for. Each tutoring session lasts for 75 minutes each and counts as 1.5 service hours.  

BAP students will have the opportunity to tutor ACC 201 and ACC 202 students who need assistance with their class.  It will give BAP students the chance to refine their 201 and 202 knowledge and make a connection with a future BAP student.

Students who schedule a tutoring session and do not show up, will receive 1 strike as part of the strike system. 

Tutoring Guidelines

  1. Each tutoring session must have no more than two signed-in tutors.

  2. Each BAP student can schedule a maximum of three tutoring sessions per week on the website. Walk-ins will not count towards the session limit.

  3. Tutors may come in earlier than scheduled and stay later than scheduled (keep 1 in mind).

  4. BAP students can sign-in if they walk in and there is only one scheduled tutor or there is a no-show.

  5. For unscheduled sessions, tutors must stay for a minimum of twenty minutes.

  6. For scheduled sessions, tutors are expected to stay for seventy-five minutes (the whole session). If tutors need to leave earlier, make sure there is someone in the BAP room.

*Students who do not show up for a scheduled tutoring session or do not stay for the amount of time they wrote down on the sign-in sheet will receive a strike.

To ensure prompt reporting of tutoring hours, BAP students will now be required to sign-in/sign-out on the Sign-in/sign-out computer in the tutoring room. Please follow the posted instructions in the BAP room.