Membership Benefits

Professional Reputation

Beta Alpha Psi is recognized and respected by the business community as a premier collegiate organization. The reputation of Beta Alpha Psi can open doors to outstanding career opportunities in the fields of finance, accounting and information systems. Potential employers know that when they see Beta Alpha Psi on a resume, they are getting the best!

Bonding Through Activities and Service

As a member of Beta Alpha Psi, you will have ongoing opportunities to participate in campus and community service activities. Service activities include participating in fund raising projects, voluntary tutoring and volunteering at local non-profit organizations.

Communication Skills

Through numerous chances to network with faculty, professionals and peers, Beta Alpha Psi members will develop strong communication skills. A select group of leadership members will further enhance their communication skills by presenting at Annual and Regional Meetings.

Scholastic Achievement

Academic excellence is not only welcomed, it is expected. Beta Alpha Psi requires its members to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.


Beta Alpha Psi members with full-time job offers can become mentors in the buddy-mentor program. Mentors will be assigned to candidates and initiates, so they can benefit from their experience and advice. Their support can also help to maintain a high level of academic achievement. The Beta Alpha Psi buddy-mentor program ensures someone will always be there for you throughout your college career — and beyond.

Enhanced University Experience

Membership in Beta Alpha Psi is a wonderful and rewarding way to meet like-minded people who share many of the same goals and interests that you do.

Networking Opportunities

Members are also able to develop professional friendships and relationships through various networking activities. These include office visits, attending meetings lead by professional organizations and firms, and service activities.

Future Contacts

Overall, Beta Alpha Psi is a tremendous way to interact with professionals and future professionals from whom you may later wish to seek employment. It is also a great way to develop strategic contacts and relationships with faculty members who can provide good potential job sources and references.


As a member of Beta Alpha Psi you are entitled to certain benefits. Click here to see all our Professional Partners have to offer!