Thank you for your interest in our BAP swag! Please use the PayPal buttons below to order your hoodie (fall only) or polo. It will take approximately two weeks for the orders to be processed and ready for pickup. Emails will be sent out to let you know when and where you can pick up your order.

BAP Polo (Orders closed for Fall 2019)
BAP Hoodie (Orders closed for Fall 2019)*
BAP Polo + Hoodie Combo (Orders closed for Fall 2019)*

* Only offered in the fall

BAP Combo: If you would like a different size for your polo & hoodie, please email Daniel Timar at a copy of your PayPal receipt and specify your size for each item.


BAP Fundraising T-Shirts

We are currently in the process of creating new t-shirt designs! Send any accounting jokes/puns our way (, and you may see it on our next t-shirt!

Payment Options:

  • Cash $10

  • Card $10.50



Currently sold out






Currently sold out


Currently sold out