Our Team


Officers are responsible for all day-to-day operations.


Jesika Herrera - President

Jesika Herrera is a senior majoring in Accounting and minoring in film. Jesika has attended the Emerging Leaders Program with Ernst & Young, the Envision Leadership Conference with Deloitte, and Elevate Leadership Conference with Pricewaterhousecoopers. Jesika will be a Tax Intern at Ernst & Young’s Los Angeles office for the summer of 2018. Jesika hopes to become a CPA, specialize in Media & Entertainment, and work for a Big 5 Film Studio. Jesika enjoys working on student film projects, drawing, and photography. For the 2017-2018 school year, Jesika will be in charge of overseeing all day-to-day activities for Beta Alpha Psi.



Esther Lee.JPG

Esther Lee - Vice President

Esther Lee is a senior majoring in Accounting. Esther hopes to become a reliable and skilled accountant, establish a professional network, and make constant improvements as a professional. Esther grew up in Korea and America, and is bilingual. Her dream job in high school was to be a bodyguard for the U.S. President. Esther also loves EDM and is an expert in EDM DJs.





Ittiphat (Gino) Thanajittharakij - Treasurer

Ittiphant (Gino) Thanajittharakij is a senior who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. In the summer of 2017, he interned in corporate accounting for Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Gino enjoys playing badminton, as well as eating sashimi! For the 2017-2018 school year, Gino will take on the position as treasurer and plan budgets, reconcile accounts, and supervise coordination of events.



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Simon Zhu - Reporter

Simon Zhu is a senior majoring in Accounting. Over the last summer, Simon took part in BDO’s Assurance Internship. He wants to become a CPA and continue to listen, learn, and help others. Simon wants to enact positive change within public education, travel, and experience the arts. He loves discovering new music and singing loudly (whilst messing up the lyrics) in the car. His favorite genres are indie/alternative and electronic. Simon will be keeping track of members and their hours for the 2017-2018 school year.




Tammy Perri - Faculty Advisor




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Daniel Blickensderfer - Co-Professional Activities Director

Daniel Blickensderfer is a Graduate Student pursuing a Master of Science in Accounting. Daniel is currently interning with Boyd Gaming. Daniel hopes to become a CPA and work for a company he can be proud of. Before coming to UNLV, Daniel previously worked as a bellhop in Walt Disney World's Tower of Terror. Daniel enjoys comics, sports, movies, and games. 




Dustin Richards -

Co-Professional Activities Director

Dustin Richards is a senior majoring in Accounting. Dustin hopes to travel around the world and become a CFO someday. He has a scar on his nose from jumping on the bed when he was two! Dustin's duties will include coordinating and planning professional events for the semester.




Mallory Arnold - Membership Director

Mallory Arnold is a junior majoring in Accounting. Mallory hopes to become a CPA and to work for a company at which she looks forward to going to work every day. She self-taught herself how to play the acoustic guitar and piano, and playing those instruments is one of her favorite pastimes. 




Micah Evans - 


Social Director

Micah Evans is a junior majoring in Accounting. Micah hopes to audit the biggest and best nation wide as he hones his skill set and becomes a finely tuned weapon of justice against financial impropriety. Micah has labeled himself "the baldest member of Beta Alpha Psi leadership".




Hannah Keena -

Community Service Director


Hannah Keena is a senior majoring in Accounting. Hannah will be interning with BDO in the tax department this summer. Hannah hopes to become a partner of a US based tax group abroad. She loves to travel. Hannah's duties will include planning and coordinating all community service events for the semester.




Jamie Wong - 


Tutoring Director


Jamie Wong is a junior majoring in Accounting and minoring in Chinese. Jamie hopes to obtain her CPA, work abroad, and continue learning traditions and customs from different cultures. Jamie loves Korean pop music, she knows 4 different languages, and she will be studying abroad in Shanghai, China this summer.




Naomi Tekabe - 


Fundraising Director


Naomi Tekabe is a senior majoring in Accounting. This past year, Naomi interned for Zappos, and she will be interning for EY tax this upcoming summer. Naomi hopes to receive her CPA, develop her professional career, and eventually provide her services in Ethiopia, where her family originates. Naomi is a High School Musical and Cheetah Girls enthusiast.




Savannah Schmidt - 


Marketing Director


Savannah Schmidt is a senior majoring in Accounting. Savannah will be interning with Deloitte in the audit department this upcoming summer. Savannah hopes to earn her CPA and work for a firm where she is happy to go to work every day. Savannah likes to play soccer and be outdoors. She also has a french bulldog!




Ashley Brinkmeyer - Communications Director

Ashley Brinkmeyer is a senior majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance. Ashley will be interning with RubinBrown this upcoming summer. Ashley hopes to get the most out of college by being involved as much as possible and to make as many lasting relationships as she can. Ashley also collects crystals!




Seung-Tack Oh

Seung-Tack Oh is a graduate student pursing his Masters of Science in Management Information Systems. Tack is currently interning at Scientific Games in the internal audit department. Tack hopes to become a CPA who is capable of dedicating to audit innovation, utilizing his MIS knowledge. He is a huge fan of sports, especially soccer.



Tigran .JPG

Tigran Badalyants - Information Systems Fellow

Tigran Badalyants is a senior majoring in Accounting. Tigran is currently working as a regional reporting analyst at Diamond Resorts. He hopes to be in a position in which he can use his knowledge to help and guide others to reach their goals. Tigran likes to travel and weightlift. He hopes to one-day complete a triathlon.


James Moore.jpg

James Houston Moore - Community Service/Tutoring Fellow

James Houston Moore is a senior majoring in Accounting. Houston hopes to join a Big Four firm, where he wants to specialize in Fraud/Technology/Computers. He also hopes to pass his CPA exam this year. Houston started his own business as an IT contractor. He also loves to golf, cook, and hear what people are passionate about.



Francisco Lopez Martinez - Membership/Social Fellow

Francisco Lopez Martinez is a graduate student pursing his Master of Science in Accounting. Francisco is currently interning at Barrick Gold. He hopes to graduate in May, and he loves watching foreign films.