Dress Code Guide

Business Casual Dress

  • Conservative colored dress pants or skirt
  • Dress shoes no higher than two inches
  • Blouse with or without collar, sweater, or turtleneck.

Try To Avoid

  • Short skirts
  • Tight pants or skirt
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Open-toed heels
  • Large, flashy jewelry
  • More than one pair of earrings
  • Heavy perfume
  • Heavy make-up
  • Colorful bag

Business Professional Dress

  • Pants or skirt suit
  • Blazer
  • Collared blouse
  • Dress shoes with heels no higher than 2in.


  • Conservative or solid colors
  • Simple jewelry
  • Focus on quality, simplicity and conservatively
  • Classic hair styles
  • Dress up rather than dress down
  • Always ask if you are not sure